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 We are ... Capable

Before beginning any production, Digital eMation, Inc. always creates a thorough, beginning-to-end production timeline.  As all work is done in-house, we can complete your show on schedule and on budget, saving you time and money.  Moreover, with our vast experience we are also well prepared for any unpredictable event, ensuring even greater reliability.  No matter how tight the schedule, we always find time to completely review every inch of film before delivery, to minimize retakes.

Exacting preparation and efficient management are always rewarded.


... Nurturing

Digital eMation, Inc. is well aware that, similar to when bringing a new life into the world, production of animation requires very delicate processes.  Continuous and open discussion and co-operation among our creative and skillful staff ensure that every project is carried out with the highest degree of professionalism.

Close communication always fosters a cooperative spirit.


... Dedicated

Although it would certainly be more profitable to do so, Digital eMation, Inc. never takes on more projects than we can handle.  That is one reason why we are always able to maintain quality consistency, right through to the end of the production.

Digital eMations foremost goal is to make our clients happy.



Digital eMation is your most reliable and trustworthy service provider.  Once we begin a project, we select excellent artists who best fit the style of the project, from both inside and outside the company, and put them together with the talented technical staff that we have fostered.  To keep our crews skills fresh and their artistic senses stimulated, we try to avoid creative inbreeding.  In our experience, this always results in the most satisfactory outcome for the client.   

With Digital eMation working for you, you can sleep well every night.











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